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Argyle Brut Rosé is magic-in-the-making. How else can we describe the storybook marriage of our most vibrant fruit? Argyle Brut Rosé weds rose petal aromas and delicate fruit flavors in an opulent structure renewing our vow to craft the very finest vintage Sparkling Wine.
$50.00  / Bottle
$600.00  / Case

Argyle Riesling is grown in a one-of-a-kind planting at our Lone Star Vineyard. It is handpicked at the end of the growing season to capture a mineral structure and carefully fermented to retain a delicate sweetness.


$20.00  / Bottle
$240.00  / Case

One singular varietal grown on one solitary block from one single vineyard in one sparkling vintage. Argyle Blanc de Blancs makes a singualr statement for American grower sparkling wine.
$50.00  / Bottle
$600.00  / Case

Argyle at its rarified best. This single-source Dijon clone Chardonnay is the nexus between Argyle's most cutting edge viticulture and most exacting winemaking.
$60.00  / Bottle
$720.00  / Case

Argyle Brut is always vintage-dated to capture what sparkles each year in the cool climate of Oregon's Willamette Valley. Argyle Vintage Brut is bottle-fermented, aged on-the-yeast and "disgorged on demand" in small batches to preserve vibrancy and freshness.
$28.00  / Bottle
$336.00  / Case

$20.00  / Bottle
$240.00  / Case
Our vineyards tell new stories each vintage. Our winemaking is informed through a doversation between sun & rain, warm days & cool nights. Argyle Pinot Noir celebrates this dialogue with a simplicity, purity of fruit & silky texture that rewards curiosity & inspires conversations of your own.
$27.00  / Bottle
$324.00  / Case

There's a house on a high hill in Dundee where Holstein roams, our founding farmer Allen Holstein - that is. Cowhouse Pinot Noir is about our good-humored origins and pays tribute to the steady hand with 30 years of growing world class Pinot Noir in the Dundee Hills - the yeart of the Willamette Valley.
$50.00  / Bottle
$600.00  / Case

Argyle Minus Five Riesling takes its own sweet time. Late-ripened at Lone Star Vineyard & frozen to -5F after picking, the clusters are slow pressed until the frozen berries release their sweet, concentrated juice.


$35.00  / Bottle
$420.00  / Case

Nuthouse Chardonnay is Argyle's mastery of balance. Through a kinship between old world Dijon clones and their transplanted interpretation in the cool-climate of Oregon's Willamette Valley, Nuthouse Chardonnay strikes the balance between opulent creaminess and exacting minerality.
$40.00  / Bottle
$480.00  / Case

Nuthouse Pinot Noir is the master at play. It's raison d'être is to command your attention & cheer you on. Nuthouse is an enduring, provocative style of American Pinot Noir that is a singular expression of this place in Oregon's Willamette Valley.
$50.00  / Bottle
$600.00  / Case

Nuthouse Riesling is the culmination of 30 years of viticultural mastery. Grown at our Lone Star Vineyard, it's the only American Riesling planting of its kind, capturing the Argyle personality in a nutshell: race and vibrant in its youth, deep and complex with age.
$30.00  / Bottle
$360.00  / Case

Argyle Reserve Pinot Noir is classic Oregon. Exacting in its fruit selection from the Willamette Valley's most luxurious vineyard sites, Argyle Reserve Pinot Noir has classic 'silky texture' born of peak season ripeness, small batch handling and gentle aging in French oak for 16 months.
$40.00  / Bottle
$480.00  / Case

With almost 30 years of growing world-class Chardonnay under our belts, we have the experience to recognize a new expression of the varietal when it reveals itself. We've captured what's new with our first single vineyard release from our Spirit Hill Vineyard.
$30.00  / Bottle
$360.00  / Case

With almost 30 years of growing world class Pinot Noir under our belts, we have the experience to recognize a new expression of the Oregon-famous varietal when it reveals itself. We've captured what's new with our second single vineyard release from our Spirit Hill Vineyard.
$45.00  / Bottle
$540.00  / Case

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